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What Is The Best Time To Move?

Relocation is a question of when and not if. Therefore when planning to move, you may be wondering, what is the best time to move? In this article we will help you answer this question. Being a local moving services company in Nairobi Kenya, we understand the logistics and the challenges that come with moving. So be sure that we have your best interest at heart. To help you have a stress free move.

The best time to move for individuals and companies may vary. Therefore we will into the best time to move as an individual and as a business. It no secret time during which you move will have say no how much you pay as a moving company. 

NOTE: Information provided in this article is based on information we have gathered on relocation patterns in Kenya especially Nairobi Kenya.

What is the Best Time to Move?

Middle of the month.

The best time for house moving in Nairobi Kenya is mid-month. Between date 10 to 24 of every month. Here is why. As a moving company, many of the bookings we get is toward the end and beginning of the month. Between date 28 to 7th date of the next month.

During this time, many companies are busy. Every move is competing for the available company resources such as packing materials and trucks. Allocations are made in an optimal manner just make sure every client is served well. In some instances, late bookings become affected with not having sufficient resource allocations.

But when you move mid-month, you get the privilege of being moved with the best available trucks, surplus packing materials and even team members. During this time most resources are in “idle” mode. Therefore when a move materializes, it’s given all the attention available.

We noticed that our best referrals and reviews come from clients we move during the middle of the month. Since it’s a time the company is less busy, you may negotiate into to getting more affordable moving prices.

Early Morning

After you have gone through the process of selecting the best moving company, and have settled on a company that best fits your moving budget and needs. When you are booking, request for the company to come in early. Early morning is the best time to move as they team will arrive early enough to pack and load the trucks. By the time they finish loading say around 9AM or 10AM, road traffic has already eased on most roads in Nairobi. Meaning you will take the shortest time to reach the new destination. The offloading, unpacking and arranging of your new place will done before 3PM. Which leaves you with enough time to relax in your new home or office. Just as if you never moved.


January just comes after a very busy festive Christmas season. Would say the month with the lowest number of inquiries for a moving company operating in Kenya. Most people are concerned with taking children back to school and don’t forget they had a big expenditure the previous month.

As a moving company, we normally always don’t have much to do during this time. If a move comes up, it gets all the attention available.

Notably in January we always get relatively higher number of inquiries for office moves than house moves. Which is very unusual in normal circumstances.

December or During Holidays

December can be good time to move if you want to cut down on the cost of moving and do it yourself. You may use the help of family members who are normally available during this time to help with packing services. You can hire a lorry only from a moving company for transport. And with help of family members. You can do the loading and offloading yourselves. May just be a great time to bond and have fun with family while working.

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