Why Do Business Relocate? office relocation

Why Do Business Relocate?

Why Do Business Relocate?

Here are some of the reasons that necessitate a business to relocate:

Business growth

Companies try to hire the best employees in order to make profits and grow. In some cases this dream is eventually realized and the current space cannot be able to meet their needs. They need a bigger space for their employees or new machines or warehouses etc. In such a case the company is forced to look for new space that can sufficiently meet their needs.

Reduce cost.

Every company is in the business of being profitable. Therefore if they spot a place where they can save on resources, they will move. For instance if they find a cheaper space to operate from. They will eventually move. Every coin counts, thus you can’t overlook an opportunity to cut down on operational cost.

Move close to clients.

Over time, a company is able to establish where it gets most of its clients. To serve them better, a company may choose to move closer to them. For example if you are fashion store with an online shop, and you realize most of the orders are coming from certain location/region, you may move your store to them to reduce shipping time and encourage more walk ins which will help increase your sales.

Need for a new market.

Business performance can be hugely affected by the location of your business. If business has been in a certain location for some time and is not making profits or its making losses. They may be forced to move to new location in search for a market for their products and services.

Better facilities.

Companies often find that their current office facilities are too outdated to carry out their tasks efficiently, or they wish to give their company a new image by moving to more modernized facilities. Moving to an office with better facilities can dramatically improve your company image, allow for more space, and improve productivity.

Office Relocation in Nairobi Kenya

Office relocation can be overwhelming, especially if it’s your responsibility to make sure it’s business as usual afterwards. Moving office furniture, equipment, IT infrastructure and staff to new premises is complicated. Our expert office moving team will help you plan every detail, so you can be confident that business continuity will be maintained throughout.

We master every area to provide safe and satisfactory results, whether it is a large or small delivery order. We provide the best office relocation services in Nairobi Kenya, and our team of experts can deliver everything to the client’s desired location, no matter how far away it is. In addition, we have the best transportation and material handling equipment to provide clients with corporate relocation services, office relocation services, corporate goods relocation, and office shifting services. In this category, we also specialize in providing customized services.

We Offer:

• Packaging and moving crates provided
•Packing Services
• Trustworthy and Efficient Staff

We can help you with everything from packing your old office to unpacking at your new location. We ensure that your company is our top priority, and you can be confident that it will be delivered safely to your new location.

Getting the best possible service from our office moving team will significantly improve the settling in at your new facility, ensuring that your business continues to run as usual. Our corporate office relocation services include the following:

• Heavy / Large Item Relocation Service
• Galleries/Art Exhibitions Relocation service
• Hospitals/Medical & Laboratories Relocation service
• Universities & Schools Relocation service
• Handyman services electrical/plumbing
• Office Furniture Relocation
• IT disconnect/reconnect
• Telephone Connections & Cabling

Corporate Relocation Services

We offer comprehensive corporate relocation services to all office-based and commercial businesses. Our skilled and dependable team will dismantle your office, from desks to expensive IT equipment, and transport it to your new location or storage. We make sure that all you IT equipment’s gets delivered in a safe and secure way with our and cutting-edge lifting and transporting equipment which is always on hand to make a stressful move go smoothly.

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