Choosing a moving company in Nairobi Kenya

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Local moving Company in Nairobi Kenya

There comes a time in the lifetime of a business or an individual when you have to change your location. Since moving can be a stressful undertaking, choosing to use a moving company can one wise decision. In this article we are going to share on factors you should consider when making to be able to select the best movers to help you with your relocation services. Being a moving company in Nairobi Kenya, our article will zero in on the Kenyan market especially Nairobi.

Work with a Registered Moving Company

We have hundreds of moving of moving companies in Kenya. Nairobi boasts of the biggest share in this. One thing is for sure. Not all of them are registered. We have several individuals who position as companies. Therefore it will be wise to do some due diligence to make sure the company is registered.

Why is registration important? In case of a problem it will be easy to deal with a company than an individual. Registration also shows a level of seriousness the owner(s) of the company views the moving business. With them being registered, you are guaranteed quality services because the will as if there reputation depends on it. Because it does. Which brings us to the next point.

Company Reviews

Reviews tell a lot about the conduct of the company. Let’s say you have selected Bestcare Movers Kenya as your preferred company.

Step 1: Go to google and type in the name of the company

Step 2: Go to Google business profile and click on the reviews tab.

Step 3: Carefully check what previous clients have had to say about the company.

Step 4: Use the filters to select the lowest ratings.

Lowest ratings will provide you with insight into some of the issues the company has had to deal with. It exposes their weakness and faults. However, it’s important to note that mistakes happen. Therefore check the response of the company to an issue raised by a client? Does the company reply sound rude? They will also be rude to you. Is there no response? They will also not respond to your issues. Do they take responsibility and regret? That’s the right company to work with.

You may also head to other platforms like Facebook and check for reviews in the Reviews section. Also go to other local business directories and see what people are saying about them. If you are in Kenya, a directory like will be great place to check since they accept company reviews.

Pro Tip: Read through the lines carefully. Some companies hire or buy reviews.

Here is how to tell that a review is fake:

  • In most cases they don’t have any comments with them. It’s just a rating and that’s it. If you really enjoyed a service, you will some time to write about what really impressed you. Therefore in most cases reviews without comments may not be reliable.
  • Irrelevant comments. While some ratings may include comments, it’s easy to tell that this person didn’t really use the service. Some common irrelevant comments you are likely to see are like “nice” “good” “awesome”. One word or two words comments cannot be trusted.
  • Profile Names. Does the name of reviewer sound real? Or does it some like a real business? If not, then be sure it’s a game. Some people create several google accounts just to use to post reviews.

Company Physical Location

Does the moving company have a physical location you can visit? Dealing with a company with an office location is better. In case of unattended issues you can easily walk into their office.

Briefcase companies can be difficult to work with. Even if they are registered, unless the owner(s)is a honest and diligent person(s). Notably, some companies may claim to be located in a location but they are not really located there. Here is how to tell:

  • If the location is not specific. For example the location is “Nairobi Kenya” or “Nairobi CBD”. Where are you located in Nairobi? Where to be specific in CBD?
  • If the location room or number is not specified. Most companies operate from commercial building with several other companies. Therefore they will have specific room or warehouse number because most commercial buildings are labelled. Let the location at least specify the floor or room number of easy tracing e.g Bestcare Movers Kenya westlands location is: MPaka Plaza, 1st Floor, Room 101, Mpaka Road.

Years of Experience

How long has the company been in service? Some experience will be important. Many years of experience doesn’t always mean quality services. Sometimes standards fall as the company grows because of serving many clients at the same time. Don’t let this be the main factor of consideration. You may get really good services from new comers as they try to impress more clients. Long service companies can easily navigate through challenges though. Nothing is new to them. They have done it all.

Moving Cost

You don’t want moving to eat into a greater portion of your budget. Therefore choose a company that is within your budget. Expensive doesn’t always mean quality and cheap doesn’t always many shoddy in the moving industry. Therefore ask the important questions.

  • Does the company provide packing materials?
  • Does the company disassemble furniture?
  • Does the company help with packing?
  • Does the company help with arranging at final destination?
  • Do you any hidden additional fees?

These questions help you to know the extent of service provided by your moving company and how much it will cost you.

Get free quotations from a few moving companies then you can choose the one to use. One that is within your budget but still ticks all the other boxes.

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